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Welcome to the Official Web Site of Little Hummers Alpaca Farm


Little Hummers Alpaca Farm was established in early 2004 by Shelia and Greg Andrews on 5 acres just east of Huntsville in north Alabama. In early 2007 we decided that we needed more room, so we moved the farm to Greg's hometown of Ozark, in southeast Alabama, onto the Andrews' family farm of almost 200 years. The family farm land was annexed into the City of Ozark in 1998, and even though there were cows and goats on the land throughout this entire time and we had a "Livestock Grandfathering Guarantee" from a previous administration as part of the annexing agreement, no one in the current administration had any intention of honoring that obligation (to wit, they blatantly ignored and broke a verbal contract with us) and they began giving us lots of grief about the Alpacas being inside the City Limits in early 2011. Therefore, having no choice but to vacate the City of Ozark, we purchased a 20 acre mini-farm close to the very small town of Pinckard about 10 miles south of Ozark and have moved our entire alpaca herd to those 20 acres. We wish to express our heart-felt thanks to Jo Walter of DDHummers Alpaca Farm in Prattville for helping us work through this unscrupulous move by the City of Ozark by allowing us to move our entire herd of male alpacas to her farm during the transition period. Even though this was a forced move and we are still working on the barn, we are very excited about getting the new farm set up and having all the animals in one central location again.

Our foundation alpacas are all high-quality AOA registered Huacaya Alpacas with bloodlines from "Peruvian Drambuie", "Peruvian Don Julio", "PPPeruvian Royal Fawn", "My Peruvian Ferrari", "Peruvian Hemingway", "PPPeruvian Misty Maiden" and "Arcuta's Jackpot". All Championship bloodlines. All of our animals have been tested for bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) and are certified BVDV free. As of we own 23 alpacas, 5 Katahdin Hair Sheep and 5 miniature guard donkeys. Click on the "Meet the Herd" tab above to see some of our foundation alpacas and take a look at the News & Updates section for additional information about recent farm activities.

We proudly support the alpaca farming industry by being active members of the following organizations: the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) (formerly the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association & the Alpaca Registry, Inc.), the Southeastern Alpaca Association (SeAA), and the Alpaca Coaliation of America (ACOA).

Our mission at Little Hummers Alpaca Farm is to produce alpacas of exceptional fiber quality, conformation and temperament. We help maintain a gentle disposition by treating our alpacas with respect using the CameliDYNAMICS philosophy when dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. We will continue to promote the alpaca industry and support others who wish to become involved with the alpaca lifestyle.

Our values represent the old-South, timeless values of integrity, honesty, and hard work. And, unlike the City of Ozark, we still believe a person's word is a bond, and a handshake is a contract that can be depended upon, and means as much as any written document. We strive to make each and every customer a friend for life and will provide the support needed to help make the alpaca experience pleasing for those friends.

Our breeding philosophy is to start with the very best breeding stock to produce exceptional crias. We discovered early on that the quality of the foundation females plays a vital roll in any successful breeding program. The female contributes one-half of the genes that are passed on to the cria. We continually breed our females to outstanding males throughout the country to improve fleece, confirmation and temperment in our crias. We are committed to producing the highest quality alpacas and improving fleece quality with every new generation. In early 2007, we invested heavily in outstanding females for our breeding program. We have bred up to outstanding males, such as "McGwire", "SCA Peruvian Magnum" (Winner, 2007 AFCNA Spirit of Fiber Award), "MFI Peruvian Earthshaker" and "Hemingway's Great White" to improve our alpaca genetics. We pledge to continue this breeding philosophy for the betterment of the alpaca future.

Our experience in the alpaca business officially began in early 2004. However, before purchasing our animals, both Shelia and Greg attended several alpaca "how-to" classes in preparation for this adventure. We made numerous farm visits to other farms, taking in all the information we could digest about how those other farms ran their businesses. From each farm visit, we dropped the bad points and added the good points to our own farm design. After preparing for the eventual purchase of alpacas for over three years, we now have our alpacas at "home" and are gaining more and more practical experience with them each and every day. As with many other things, raising alpacas is a process where you never stop learning.

The Southeastern Camelid UniversityŽ has now become a reality and is the vehicle we will use to put our alpaca training and experience to work by presenting alpaca seminars for others that might be interested in the alpaca lifestyle. These seminars will be presented by us here at Little Hummers Alpaca Farm as well as by specialists in various areas of the alpaca industry. Once a seminar is scheduled, it will be announced on the web site so click here to see the seminars we currently have scheduled...

About us. Both Greg and Shelia grew up in southeast Alabama and that is where Little Hummers Alpaca Farm is now located. We both attended Auburn University, where we met and were later married. Both worked for Auburn University for a number of years afterwards. Greg is a computer programmer with over 30 years of experience, the last 18 of which was spent working on the International Space Station project and developing internal web sites for the dissemination of Space Shuttle flight data for NASA. In early 2000 he retired from working with computers as a profession and shortly thereafter discovered the alpaca lifestyle. After attending their first alpaca show, the stage was set for the development of Little Hummers Alpaca Farm. Greg uses his computer experience in the development of the web site for Little Hummers Alpacas as well as in processing the day-to-day farm activities using AlpacaEASE, by far the best alpaca-specific computerized herd management and financial management software package available. Shelia is an accountant with over 38 years of experience and has recently been promoted to Director of Treasury Management for a multi-million dollar corporation in southeast Alabama. She uses her accounting background to help keep the farm on track when making day-to-day financial decisions for the business.

Farm visits by appointment are always welcomed. We love to talk to individuals or groups that are interested in the alpaca business or simply interested in seeing our alpacas. However, please call or email us to make sure we will be available to show you around on your anticipated visit date. We want to make sure nobody misses an opportunity to see these lovable little animals, so the farm is open to the public each day and there is never any charge associated with a farm visit. You can find driving instructions to the farm by clicking here. Come share the experience!!! BE SURE TO BRING YOUR CAMERA...

    - We are proud members of the following alpaca farming organizations -
Alpaca Owners Association
Alpaca Owners Association
Southeastern Alpaca Association
Southeastern Alpaca Association
Alpaca Coalition of America
Alpaca Coaliation of America